• Someone passionate about taking your culinary skills to the next level 
  • Entertaining family and friends at home 
  • Planning a large scale event like a holiday party or wedding
  • Organizing the office party
  • Working within the restaurant as a chef or sommelier
  • Offering catering services
  • In the educational process of becoming a sommelier or chef
  • Buying a gift for someone you know who loves wine and food and is in need of these secrets

In this Super-Charged Master Class YOU'LL RECEIVE:

  • 7 Master Class videos that can be viewed at your own pace and will teach you the 3 wine pairing secrets
  • 7 Master Class MP3's that allow you to listen to the Master Class at your own pace.
  • Over 100 wine-paired recipes in my e-cookbook entitled Harmony On the Palate.  The chapters in this book are divided by wine styles rather than meal courses.  This allows you to pair all the recipes in one chapter with the same wine of your choice.
  • FREE membership in the Wine Pairing Club.  As a member you will receive my weekly wine pairing blog so that you can enjoy the 3 wine pairing secrets in actual recipes with wine pairing notes.


Because without these secrets, your relationship to dining is sure to be exactly how it has always been –predictable!

In this Master Class You'll Discover...

  • How your senses of sight, smell and taste are key to creating extraordinary wine and food partnerships.
  • How you predictably and quickly choose the right wines for your menus using 3 simple secrets.
  • How to taste wine.
  • How you can create harmonious wine and food combinations on a consistent basis. How to choose the right wine glasses.
  • How you can rework old and new recipes to make them wine savvy.
  • How to master home entertaining.
  • How to calculate the appropriate amounts of wine and hors d’oeuvres for luncheons, dinner parties and cocktail style events.
  • How you can choose ingredient and wine combinations that create sublime tastes, flavors and textures in your dishes.
  • How to serve 1 wine all evening and have it partner extremely well for the hors d’oeuvres, soup, salad and entrée.
  • How to serve and pair a different wine with each course within a multi-course meal.
  • How to explore the world’s wine regions and discover wines that will always meet you and your guests’ expectations.
  • How to prepare from 2 to 10 hors d’oeuvres that will all harmonize with 1 wine.
  • And so much more…